Privileged to hear Mat speak at the Million Dollar Agents conference. After spending 27 years speaking all over Asia, this rates as one of the best, all from the heart. Brilliant.


Listening to this, so good. From $20k a month to $250k a month. Amazing. Thanks Mat.


Hi Mat, I always wanted to do Real Estate and went to your seminar in Sydney, which was great. Just wanted to let you know that I started my new career less than 2 months ago and I’m loving it. I have had three sales this month. Your pure negotiation CD helped a lot getting those deals together. Thanks Mat


You are really an inspiration. Thank you so very much for posting. Honestly every time I feel a bit low in terms of career and life, your videos inspire me and make feel like everything is going to be okay. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much.


Your MMS The Stroke absolutely moved me! Love it! Keep producing the content you do, 1 million people need to see it.


Very humble words for a real estate agent, very impressive and really happy for you. I’ve had my struggles too, so I understand your words. Thank you for sharing


Mat I have always enjoyed your info about real estate but about 12 months ago I discovered your talk about energy. It has been a massive help to me and come into my life at a timely point for work, family and my marriage. Thank you, keep it up. THANK YOU


Mat I’ve listened to a lot of real estate coaches and I’d have to say you and Tom Panos are my favourite coaches. Love the authenticity!


Hi Mat,
I saw your presentation on Monday at the Millionaire Summit and I wanted to tell you that today I used your skills to ask lots more questions that I usually don’t do regarding their motivation to sell and within 5 minutes it went from a potential listing maybe in 3 months to me getting a form 6 signed on the spot! I couldn’t believe the amount of information that came out of some simple questions that led to another and another and next thing we had a much closer bond. Thank you so much. I found you so inspiring and passionate on the day and you really resonated with me and I wanted to personally thank you but by the time I came out you were gone. I do aspire to be that million dollar agent and will be, it’s only a matter of action and time but my goals once I achieve that are to build a team and a branch of offices from the Sunny Coast to the Gold Coast.


Champion bloke ☺


Hi Mat,
Thank you very much for today. You were so motivating and inspirational at The Million Dollar listing in Brisbane. Wish you all the best, thank you again for sharing and hopefully this isn’t your last event.


OMG man, you were the absolute best. That event has had the best feedback I’ve ever had and you were hands down the hit in so many people’s eyes.


Mats insight and knowledge in the industry is world class. As a mentor, he has the ability to break things down and uncover what’s holding you back from achieving greatness in all aspects of your life. The changes I’ve made not just in my business but my personal life since meeting Mat have been life changing and I’m looking forward to where they take me in the future.


You have changed my life. I look up to you like a big brother. You are awesome. I am going to visit you next year.

No name

Hi Mat,
Thank you for another sensational session today, the guys really loved it. I’ve seen you for many years and I can honestly say you’re continually growing whilst staying very humble. It’s a privilege to watch.
Blessings to you brother.


Good morning Mat,
Love your videos, love your energy and thank you for your amazing contribution to this planet. You are an inspiration!
Love Lynette


Morning Mat,
Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your Law of Attraction videos! You are one of the only people I’ve found who can explain things in a clear and easy way to understand. It’s so fascinating to hear someone explain exactly what’s happening in our lives. I’ve sent your videos to a lot of people because unfortunately there is so much negativity in this world. Keep up the good work.


Hey Mat,
Been following you for a while now. I just wanted to share 2 minutes with you. I’m not in real estate anymore however the videos you make I use every day. Not just in business but in life. I’ve broken through some hellish mental barriers over the last 12 months but without going into a full life story, I guess all I’d like to say is THANK YOU! Your videos do more than just inspire people. They save people. Have a great day.


I would love to say that I absolutely love your videos. I find them very inspiring. I have come so far within myself and my business. I would love to be able to meet up with you day.
Thanks Karlene.


Hi Mat,
I often listen to your blogs, they have great information. I really like your LYFE blogs. I recently watched your motivational coaching, in it you said it’s important to have a big WHY! I must admit I’ve lost my mojo from some bad experiences and I don’t really have a why that’s strong enough to get my mojo back. Any suggestions?


Found you on YouTube this past weekend and have been watching your videos non-stop. Excited to watch the next 10 years of your journey. Much love from San Diego.


Hey mate,
Just watched your coaching session. That was unreal how everyone was hanging onto every word. You are made to speak in front of audiences around the world. Mate, the content is just fantastic.